The mission of the Alliance for Charitable Reform (ACR)

is the protection of philanthropic freedom – the right of Americans to choose how and where to spend their charitable assets. A project of The Philanthropy Roundtable, ACR educates legislators and policymakers about the central role of private charitable giving in American life and the dangers of legislative or political measures that would weaken or constrain the philanthropic freedom that makes such giving possible.

Know the Issues


Career Mobility for Youth and Young Adults

How can America’s youth be better prepared to pursue fulfilling, challenging, and economically sustaining careers? ...

ACR Webinar: The Politics of Tax Reform in 2015

Our policy experts will outline how the political landscape of 2015 could shape the progress of tax reform and what that means for the sector.

2015 Annual Meeting

Our 2015 Annual Meeting will be held at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas in Las Colinas, Texas.

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